Brief Contents

image Introduction & overview of CAD Atmosphere.
image Fields Analysis of CAD.
image Standard Settings of Toolbars & Drawing Aids
image Command Line Standards
image Units, Limits & Grid Settings.
image Co-ordinate System using X, Y (Absolute, Relative, Polar).
image Working with Toolbars on Orthographic view, Draw, Modify, Dimensions, Properties, Text, Preferences, Insert, Layers, Styles, Inquiry, Layouts etc.
image Concepts of Design Center & Tool Palettes.
image Page Settings of 2D Plan.
image Standard & Professional Approaches for a drawing startup.
image Overview on 3D environment in convenient approaches.
image Isometric view Introduction.
image Basic Shapes Modeling, Boundaries, Aligning, Slicing, Revolving,
image Conversion of 2D plan into 3D Model.
image 3D operations (3D Array, 3D Rotate, 3D Mirror, 3D Poly)
image Working with Toolbars on Isometric View, 3D Commands, Solids, Surfaces, UCS, Solid Editing, Render etc
image Implementation of Materials & Rendering Techniques.
image Optimization of 3D Models and Finalization.
image Modeling of Furniture and Home Appliances & others.
image Exporting & Saving Methods & Strategies.
  Final Project Submission

Duration : 2 Months
4 Days a Week ( Monday to Fridayindex )

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