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Spoken English - Very Easy

Started nearly 10 years ago, our institute has established itself as the Best English Language center in DHA Lahore. We are proud to claim that it has attracted students from all over Lahore and adjoining areas. Being at prime location within DHA, we offer excellent opportunity for students who aim high and wish to learn English Language Course in DHA.

We realize that Spoken English is the most important communication medium throughout the world. We also know that traditional method of teaching English hardly produce the desired results. Therefore we use different methodology which includes, monologue practice, dialogue group discussion, intense audio, visual exercises and teaching basic but essential English grammar. We have experienced staff who have skills and techniques to produce results ."

Biginner English

Definitions of … Nouns Pronouns Verbs Use of articles … A, An, The Preposition after, before etc Use of Have, Has Had Don’t Have Doesn’t Have Use of What, Where, Why,When whom etc Helping Verbs. Do, will, shall Tenses Present Indefinite Past Indefinite Future Indefinte Present Contineous Past Continuous Past Continuous and more Comparison Sentences Simple Active Passive Simple Direct/Indirect Building Vocabulary Translation Urdu to English

Spoken English
Introduction Dialogue, At the receptiion , At the market , At the Hospital.

Intermediate English

Parts of speech Clauses Adjectives Adverbs Conjunction Use of Modal Verbs Can,Could, Should Must, Would Use of Idioms Use of Phrases Translation English to Urdu Urdu to English Present Perfect Past Perfect Future Perfect Present Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous Synonyms Homonyms Advice vs Advise Adv. Active Passive Adv. Direct/Indirect Advance vocabulary Gerund Punctuation

Spoken English
Discussion between two, Speaking session , At the airport

Advance English

Use of Phrasal Verbs Get Up, Break Up, Break down Use of preposition + Noun Demand for, answer to Use of Preposition + Adjective Afraid of, good at, marred to Use of prepostion + Verbs Pay for, suffer from etc Letters writings. Informal letter writings Official letter writings Describe a road accident. Describe a holiday trip Reference to context question answers Essay Writings Short Story Wrirings Use of Proverbs Learning Advanced sentence

Spoken English
Advance dialogues, Group discussions, Interviews, Speech


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