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Why Use Bootstrap?

Advantages of Bootstrap:

  • Easy to use: Anybody with just basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can start using Bootstrap
  • Responsive features: Bootstrap's responsive CSS adjusts to phones, tablets, and desktops
  • Mobile-first approach: In Bootstrap 3, mobile-first styles are part of the core framework
  • Browser compatibility: Bootstrap is compatible with all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera)


What is Bootstrap?

  • Bootstrap is a free front-end framework for faster and easier web development Bootstrap includes HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, image carousels and many other, as well as optional JavaScript plugins Bootstrap also gives you the ability to easily create responsive designs

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is about creating web sites which automatically adjust themselves to look good on all devices, from small phones to large desktops.

Getting started using Bootstrap 3

You will learn some of the benefits of using the Bootstrap CSS Framework and see examples of its use across the web. Next you will create a quick testing environment in Codepen so you can begin following the Bootstrap documentation. Finally, we will build a one-page personal profile to demonstrate core concepts such as: grids, typography styles, and images.

The 3 different ways to customize Bootstrap 3 CSS Styles

In this section you will learn the different ways you can customize the styles of the Bootstrap Framework. Each layer brings more complexity but way more control. The options covered are: writing your own styles to override existing Bootstrap styles, using the custom build page on the Bootstrap documentation site, and lastly building your own custom library that removes anything you don’t need.

How to build a customized version of Bootstrap

At this point you will have a good understanding of how to use Bootstrap but want to change the look of the default styles. In this section, you will download the source code, install node.js and beginning customizing Bootstrap to your needs. You will also build a responsive one-page site that will demonstrate most of the javascript components such as: carousels, tooltips, modals, and more.



Duration : 2 Months
4 Days a Week ( Monday to Thursday )

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