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(Duration 2 Months) (3 Days a Week) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Course Description
Do you want to learn how to program and build robust Websites using the latest technologies? We'll teach you step by step from the absolute basics to the more advanced patterns used by seasoned professionals. You will become an expert ASP .NET MVC C# Web Developer, take your career to the next level and learn how the top developers can demand bigger salaries!
Freelance and contract developers can make upwards of $500 a day, and the demand is increasing each year. Whether you are completely new to software development, or have already learnt the basics, our course will walk you through everything you need to know to become world class developer

Contents and Overview

ASP.NET MVC is a powerful and effective framework for building maintainable and scalable web applications. In this course, you will be introduced the basics to get up and running with ASP.NET, exploring the framework and IDE, the structure behind ASP.NET applications, and the tools you need to manage data, construct APIs, and establish real-time web connections. After that you will be learned about the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture at the heart of ASP.NET MVC and how to create a model, execute controller logic, and interact with models via views. The course will show you how to create professional-looking web pages with layouts, work with data in forms, create separate content or sites for mobile devices, and enhance your projects with AJAX. You will also be learned how to secure your site with user permissions, optimize its performance, and deploy it to the world.

Why learn ASP.NET MVC?
A: ASP.NET MVC is one of the most popular web development framework today. It is built and maintained by Microsoft, and provides us with a lean, modern environment for making our web development projects a reality. In addition, the tooling support from Visual Studio is second to none.
Finally, ASP.NET MVC allows us to develop web applications using any .NET language. We will be using the expressive, powerful, and modern language C#. Although there are other web development frameworks available for .NET, ASP.NET MVC is a first class citizen in the .NET ecosystem - giving it a powerful edge over alternatives.

What will you learn in this course?
A: This course goes over the most important features of ASP.NET MVC: routing, areas, asset bundling, controllers, the Razor view engine, data binding and validation. We will also be using the mature and very powerful ADO .NET OR/M to access our database; and the Entiity framework to version our database schema in source control. In this series we also take a look at security issues - from CSRF and XSS attacks, to making sure our errors aren’t displayed to our customers.
Although this is not a frontend web development course, we will also be using both jQuery and Bootstrap 3 to substantially speed up our development and provide a modern, sleek, user interface for our product. The foundation we lay can serve as a launching point for your own design needs.
If that isn't enough, we also take a look at deployment to a real Windows server. In addition to configuring IIS and showing how to run our migrations to populate its schema - we introduce Web Deploy. Web Deploy is a product that allows us to publish our web application right from inside of Visual Studio (or even a command line tool if you wish to integrate this with your Continuous Integration server). We install Web Deploy on the Windows server, show some common pitfalls and get everything up and running from inside of Visual Studio.

What are we going to get from this course?

Exploring the .NET Framework
What are design patterns
Overview of ASP .NET
Fundamentals of .NET / C# Language
Object Orientated Programming (OOP) Basic Walkthrough
What are SOLID Principles
What is Layered Architecture

Lecture 1 - 2 : Summary
Getting Started With MVC
What is MVC design pattern
How to create MVC website
What is Model
Working with Models
What is Controller
What is View
Understanding Route
What is Area
Routing requests to controller actions
How to create custom routes

Lecture 3 - 4: Summary
Working With CRUD Operations
How to select distinct records in a table
How to create Controllers
What is ActionResult class
Wrting Create method
Wrting  Edit method
Wrting View method
What is Lazy Loading
What is Eager Loading
Wrting Delete method
What is ViewBag
What is ViewData
Preventing CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) Attacks

Lecture 5 - 6: Summary
Getting Started With Frontend
Getting started with HTML5
Working with CSS3
Complete walkthrough of Bootstrap

Lecture 7 - 8: Summary
Creating UI Layer
Working with Views
How to create View
MVC partial views
Why View Models
What is strongly typed view
What is Model Keyword
What is model Keyword
What are HTML Helpers
What are stronlgy typed HTML Helpers
Working with HTML Helpers in-depth

Lecture 09 - 10: Summary
Introduction To JavaScript
Document Object Model
Overview of JS
Primitive Data Types, Strings, Operators, Numbers, Conditionals, Loops & Arrays in JS
Working with functions
Making Objects in JS
What is library
What is Framework
Difference between library and framework
What is JQuery
Working with DOM using JQuery
What is AJAX
How to perform partial page updates with AJAX and JQuery
How to create AJAX requests using JQuery

Lecture 11 - 12: Summary
Getting Started With ORM
What is ORM
What is ADO .NET
What is Entity Framework
Using Entity Framework Migrations
What is EDM
How to query data EF
What is LINQ
What is lambda expression
What is LINQ-To-SQL

Lecture 13 - 14: Summary
Working With Data
Data Annotations in MVC
Authorization in ASP.NET
Database Driven Auth in ASP.NET
Adding Roles
Working with Entities

8- Lecture: Summary
Deploying to Production
Deploying to Windows Server
Custom Error Pages

Final Project of Course
Students of the course will develop a commercial level web application using C#, Entity Framework and ASP .NET MVC. The project should be implemented using best practices of the object oriented software application development.

Exit Profile of Student after taking this course:

ASP .NET MVC C# Web Development Specialist

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