SMO/SMM Course Outline

Duration: 12 Lectures “3 days a week basis






·         Introduction to Social Media Marketing

·         What is Importance of Social Media

·         6 Most Important Social Network

·         Target of Social Media

·         Social Plans for Individual & For Business

·         What policies need to implement and what Don’t

·         What is Target Audience & Objectives?

·         Competitive Analysis & Research

·         Profile Making & Insert Link

·         Join People & Relevant Group/Audience

·         People Engagement Strategy

·         Divert Traffic & Send Visitors to your Target Web Page

·         Social Media Integration on Your Website

·         Social Media Impact in SEO


1.     Facebook

a.       Basics of Facebook

b.      Account Creation

                                                               i.      Best Image Sizes for Profile, Banners and Posts

c.       Top Facebook Applications
Facebook Security Features
Business Profile Page Creating

d.      Group Creating

e.      User Roles Assigning

f.        Paid Campaign

                                                               i.      Types of Campaign

1.       Page Promotion

2.       Increase Post Reach

3.       Get Website Traffic

g.       Post Sharing Techniques

2.     Twitter

a.       Basics of Twitter

b.      Account Creation

                                                               i.      Best Image Sizes for Profile, Banners

c.       Following People and Building a Base of Followers

d.      Adding Twitter Content

e.      Twitter Trends

f.        Twitter Adverts

g.       Twitter Security Features

3.     Pinterest

a.       Basics of Pinterest

b.      Account Creation

c.       Creating Board

d.      Creating Pins

e.      Competitors Analysis

f.        Building your Brand Exposure

g.       Pinterest Adverts

h.      Posting of Comments

4.     LinkedIn

a.       Basics of LinkedIn

b.      Creating LinkedIn Profile

c.       Connections

d.      Endorsement

e.      Establishing an Effective LinkedIn Network

f.        Page Creations

g.       Paid Campaign

5.     Instagram

a.       Account Set-up

b.      What to post and how regularly

c.       Instagram Images that Attract the Right Users

d.      Instagram Etiquette

e.      Finding your Target Market

f.        Building your Followers

g.       Dealing with Negative Comments

h.      Maximizing Engagement

i.         Trends, Keywords, Hashtags

j.        Instagram Jargon (AKA, BRB, MYOB, BTW etc.)

Duration : 1 Month
3 Days a Week ( Thursday , Friday and Saturday )

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